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Wendy Stroud - HR Manager - Lofthouse Manufacturing

"We had a high skilled position open for over eight months. During that time we struggled to find any experienced candidates.

Eventually we were forced to change our strategy and we decided to recruit a new graduate that we could develop over time.

We are having to get creative with our hiring strategies, and protective of our existing staff as they are receiving calls from head hunters trying to recruit them.

This information is very timely and relevant to the challenges facing employers today."
Portfolio Manager's Perspective

by Stephen Semple

I use to work as a Portfolio Manager and during that time I observed that sometimes we got into a mindset that was different from the economic reality of the time.  Decision would often be made based upon that mindset that would often incorrect or even dangerous.

I believe we are experience that very phenomena right now.

I was reading a report recently on falling energy prices.  I am going to tell you this emphatically, unless you live in Texas or Alberta falling energy prices are good.  High-energy prices are inflationary and create a drag on the economy.  I can point you to thousands of economic articles that stated this a few years ago when energy prices started to rise.  But low and behold, prices are falling and the economic reports are …. Negative.

But if rising prices are bad how can falling prices are bad.  The problem is that we are in a recessionary mindset and everything looks bad.  So what does this mean for hiring?

In a recessionary period there is high or rising unemployment, a shortage of jobs and an excess of people.  The hiring challenge is sorting through the mound of resumes to find the right ones to interview.  In a recessionary period the labour force is also not a mobile because there are not as many opportunities to move to.  If senior management has a recessionary mindset and there is staff turnover they are going to feel that it should be relatively easy and fairly quick to find new hires.  Remember, a recessionary mindset is a belief that there is a shortage of job and an excess of people.

What you will learn in this report is the facts, and the facts are quite different.  The job market is very tight and companies are having great difficulty in filling positions.  I am personally aware of several companies that have been activity recruiting for a year and positions are unfilled.  This creates several challenges:  hiring is now a hard and long process, retention is key and your people are being called by the competition, and expansion will be challenging.

As an HR professional you likely already know this but this report will provide you with the facts that you can present to management.

Facts that will help you build the business case to get the resources that you need in order to make your recruiting and retention efforts more effective.
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